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KY Legislature Links

The Convention of States Article V resolution will be filed with the Kentucky General Assembly this legislative session.  We do have support in FranKfort from some of our legislators for the COS resolution.  However, we need grassroots support from each of you to contact your legislator to ask them to support our resolution.  If you do not know who is your State Senator or representative in the KY House you can follow the link below to find that information.  This link will take you to a map where you can simply click the location where you live to find both your Senator and Representative.

Find Your Legislator

Once our resolution is filed in the house and Senate it will be assigned to a committee in each house.  In the Senate the committee that will hear our resolution is the State and Local Government Committee.  In the House of Representatives the committee to hear our resolution is the Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.  Follow the links below to see which Kentucky legislators sit on these committees.

KY Senate - State and Local Government Committee

KY House of Representatives  -  Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee