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The Time Has Come for Missouri


Come to the capitol for the FINAL vote to add Missouri as state number 12 to have called for a Convention of States to propose further limits on the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government. 

SCR 4 - Will be on the floor of the Missouri House of Representatives Friday!  We need you there to ensure our State Representatives see you support Convention of States.  

The past two years, we have died when the House or the Senate failed to take action.  This year we have confirmed the House will act and will allow us to come to a vote!  Come witness history and personally thank your State Representative and State Senate for supporting Convention of States.  Bring your family, we will have buttons!  

Session on Friday starts at 10:30 am, and we do not yet have an estimate as to the time we will be up.  Most of our state leaders will be there all day, but we will get another update out with an approximate time to expect to witness this event at the capitol in Jefferson City.

In the meantime, please send a quick note to your State Representative to thank them for supporting SCR 4 - Convention of States. Look him/her up HERE

You can also send a quick note to all State Representatives by clicking the button below. 


For a reminder on Convention of States, watch this video: