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Ohio Action Prompt

Ohio Action Prompt

The grassroots are the key to victory -- high numbers ensure success. So are you ready to talk to your friends about the Convention of States Project?

Join our team as a District Captain!

Our goal is to find one District Captain in every Ohio state house district. The District Captain's mission is simple: find 100 people in your district willing to contact their state legislators in support of Convention of States legislation next session.

It doesn't take a huge time commitment to make a difference. Five constituent phone calls is often enough to move an issue to the top of a state legislator's priority list. In person meetings are even more effective.

Get involved today by reaching out to your state legislators. Don't know what to say?

Download talking points here.

If you'd like a Convention of States leader to attend a meeting with you and your legislator, contact your state’s legislative liaison.

Ohio Action

Ohio Action

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Ohio Team

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    MArk Auckerman

    Legislative Liaison

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    John Eggenton

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

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    Tom Hall

    District Captain

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    Sue Kahler

    Legislative Laison

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    Steve Stechschulte

    State Director

Ohio Blog

Rally Day on March 7



The COSAction Ohio Activist Rally Day is coming up in a week!  Convention of States Project Ohio is having a rally on Tuesday March 7 at the statehouse in Columbus in support of the launch of the Convention of States resolutions recently initiated in both the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House. It is important that we show our legislators the depth and breadth of support for the Convention of States project in Ohio by making sure that we have good attendance at this, our first event for COS Ohio, in this General Assembly.  

Convention of States Project Co-founder Mark Meckler and Regional Director Ken Clark will be speaking at 10:00 AM at the rally point which is in the Statehouse Museum gallery.

All supporters, volunteers and friends of the Convention of States Project are welcome, so please plan to attend and bring others that would like to give us a hand in ensuring that we succeed in making Ohio one of the states that is willing to assume its responsibility to rein in federal overreach and restore, and defend republican government for our posterity.

Contact your district captain if you would like to coordinate ride-sharing to the capital.  If you do not know who your district captain is, please feel free to contact me at and we will try to get you lined up to share a ride with a fellow supporter, if one is available.

After the rally, participants can elect to attend the general session as guests or meet with their respective legislator(s) should their legislator(s) be available.  The Ohio House of Represenatatives' Directory is here: and the Ohio Senate Directory is here: for those that would like to contact their legislator(s).

Progress of the resolution through the Ohio House can be followed at this link where a copy of the resolution, HJR2 can also be downloaded:

Progress of the resolution through the Ohio Senate can be followed at this link where a copy of the resolution, SJ1, can be downloaded: :

We hope to see many of you in Columbus.

CTA to thank Ohio legislators for meeting with Sen. Coburn

 Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) ( ) had very productive meetings about the COS resolution in Ohio (HJR 3) with Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Senate President Keith Faber.  Sen. Coburn also testified in support of HJR 3 to the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee.  We appreciate Senator Coburn's and our Ohio legislators' time and efforts, and want to show it.


Please visit, call and/or email Speaker Rosenberger, Senate President Faber and members of the Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee, to thank them for meeting with Senator Coburn,  and voice your support for HJR 3.

Your voice as an informed citizen of Ohio speaks volumes!  Express to these legislators how important it is for Ohio to join the growing number of states calling for a convention of states to propose amendments that will; limit the power and jurisdiction of, limit the terms of officials and officeholders of, and provide fiscal restraints on the out-of-control federal government.

As we have seen in this election season, the power of the grassroots can make all the difference!

Here is the contact information for these legislators:


Speaker Cliff Rosenerger                              614-466-3506                           

Senate President Keith Faber                     614-466-7584                                      

Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee (contact information found on this link )


Thank you for your support of this nationwide effort to save our beloved republic!

Steve A. Stechschulte, CPA
State Director - Ohio
Convention of States, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance


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