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Oklahoma Call To Action



Oklahoma Convention of States Call to Action Page

We are moving forward in Oklahoma and we must act to ensure we are successful in 2016.  This page will be updated with action items that need to be accomplished in a short time after you receive a notice to act via text, email, or on Facebook.

Current Action items:


The Convention of States Resolution is moving forward in Oklahoma!  We will be heard in Committee at 10:30 am in room 512A at the capitol on Wednesday!

We are requesting all Convention of States supporters arrive at 10am Wednesday in order to pack the venue with COS individuals.  You should dress to impress, but if you are coming from work, don't worry about it.  We will present a civil and professional demeanor despite what the opposition might do or say while we are in the capitol.  We will have buttons for you to wear.

We also are planning on delivering all paper petitions to the state legislators Wednesday.  Please consider volunteering to assist. 

In the meantime, please call and email these legislators and ask for their support of the Convention of States resolution coming before their committee this week:

Banz Gary (405) 557-7395
Caldwell Chad (405) 557-7317
Condit Donnie (405) 557-7376
Hardin Tommy (405) 557-7383
Kannady Chris (405) 557-7337
Pruett RC (405) 557-7382
Nelson Jason (405) 557-7335
Shoemake Jerry (405) 557-7373
Watson Weldon (405) 557-7330
Wright Harold (405) 557-7325