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South Dakota

Urgent Action Needed South Dakota

It comes down to one final vote in the South Dakota House of Representatives on Monday!

Fear is the obstacle in Pierre, and we need your help to defeat it.

In a vote of Yes - 31, No - 34 with 5 absent, the Convention of States application was defeated in South Dakota on Wednesday. Thursday, it was resurrected on a reconsideration vote of Yes - 38, No 26 with 6 absent.  That means on Monday, 2/13, we will be live again for an up/down vote on the House floor.  Please help!

Need a quick refresher on what this critical legislation is all about? Watch this short video.

Ultimately, groups of liberal democrats spread fear and misinformation, leading legislators to vote against this critical legislation to limit federal overreach.

Last night, Mark Meckler and Mark Levin went on national radio to talk about the fearful groups that are taking over in South Dakota! Listen to the video below for the full scoop. 

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