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Urgent Call to Action for Maryland!



Senate Public Hearing Scheduled for Thursday, February 18th at 1:00PM on SJ4!




The hour is upon us Maryland!  Our Article V Resolution calling for a convention for proposing amendments to rein in the federal government is scheduled to be heard by the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee on Thursday, February 18th at 1:00PM.  We need all of our supporters to call the committee members to let them know you want them to pass SJ4

Please don't wait, call now and leave a message for each Senator encouraging them to support SJ4.  When you leave a voice mail, provide your name and address at the end of your message.  We want them to have an overwhelming number of voice mails when they return to their office on Monday. Each call is crucial. 


Sen. Carter Conway 410-841-3145
Sen. Pinsky 410-841-3155
Sen. Zucker 410-841-3625
Sen. Kagan 410-841-3134
Sen. Nathan-Pulliam 410-841-3612
Sen. Rosapepe 410-841-3141
Sen. Young 410-841-3575
Sen. Simonaire 410-841-3658
Sen. Waugh 410-841-3673