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Mike Lee's Solution to Healthcare: Get Washington Out

Utah's own Senator Mike Lee recently wrote an op-ed on how he believes we should fix the disastrous mess that our healthcare system has become. 

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Failed federal lands policies are igniting the west... literally

Two weeks ago the Brian Head fire exploded out of control and has since burned nearly 60,000 acres of the Dixie National Forest. This came as no surprise to many local residents who knew that nearly three decades of failed federal forest service policies have made a catastrophic fire inevitable.

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URGENT: Committee hearing support needed!

The time has come!

House Joint Resolution HJR003, the Utah Convention of States Project application, will be considered at a hearing in the House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Standing Committee on Thursday, January 26th at 2 pm!

Please take a few moments right now to contact these committee members and ask them to vote in favor of HJR003.

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St. George Town Hall Event

With the beginning of the Utah legislative session on January 23rd, and the imminent introduction of the Joint Resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States, it is my privilege to extend an invitation to you to learn more about this process, and why Utah must be involved in a leadership role. 

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Christmas Message from Ken Ivory

Washington’s troops marched to within a mile of the ferry landing, where they lined up by brigade, waiting for December’s early darkness. As they stood in the cold, Washington ordered officers to read aloud Thomas Paine’s latest pamphlet, The Crisis:

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Convention of States Project names Utah State Rep. Ken Ivory as Senior Legislative Advisor

The Convention of States Project is pleased to announce the naming of Utah State Representative Ken Ivory as the Project’s first Senior Legislative Advisor.

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Utah to vote on limiting the power of the federal government

TODAY, February 26, 2016, your legislator will be asked to vote on HJR 8, Utah’s Convention of States Application.

Please CALL and EMAIL them immediately and URGE them to vote YES on HJR 8.  Explain to them the importance of stopping the overreach of the Federal Government.

It's time for Utah to join with Alaska, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee in passing the Convention of States Resolution. 

If we want to save our children’s America, we have to stand up, show up and speak up! 

The message: VOTE YES ON HJR 8.

District Representative Party Counties Represented Contact Info Phone
1 Sandall, Scott D. R Box Elder, Cache 435-279-7551
2 Lifferth, David E. R Utah 801-358-9124
3 Draxler, Jack R. R Cache 435-752-1488
4 Redd, Edward H. R Cache 435-760-3177
5 Webb, R. Curt R Cache 435-753-0215
6 Anderegg, Jacob L. R Utah 801-901-3580
7 Fawson, Justin L. R Weber 801-781-0016
8 Froerer, Gage R Weber 801-391-4233
9 Peterson, Jeremy A. R Weber 801-390-1480
10 Pitcher, Dixon M. R Weber 801-710-9150
11 Dee, Brad L. R Davis, Weber 801-479-5495
12 Schultz, Mike R Davis, Weber 801-859-7713
13 Ray, Paul R Davis 801-725-2719
14 Oda, Curtis R Davis 801-725-0277
15 Wilson, Brad R. R Davis 801-425-1028
16 Handy, Stephen G. R Davis 801-979-8711
17 Barlow, Stewart R Davis 801-289-6699
18 Hawkes, Timothy D. R Davis 385-239-3600
19 Ward, Raymond P. R Davis 801-440-8765
20 Edwards, Rebecca P. R Davis 801-554-1968
21 Sagers, Douglas V. R Tooele 435-830-3485
22 Duckworth, Susan D Salt Lake 801-250-0728
23 Hollins, Sandra D Salt Lake 801-363-4257
24 Chavez-Houck, Rebecca D Salt Lake 801-891-9292
25 Briscoe, Joel K. D Salt Lake 801-946-9791
26 Romero, Angela D Salt Lake 801-722-4972
27 Kennedy, Michael S. R Utah 801-358-2362
28 King, Brian S. D Salt Lake, Summit 801-560-0769
29 Perry, Lee B. R Box Elder, Weber 435-225-0430
30 Cox, Fred C. R Salt Lake 801-966-2636
31 DiCaro, Sophia M. R Salt Lake  
32 Christensen, LaVar R Salt Lake 801-808-5105
33 Hall, Craig R Salt Lake 801-573-1774
34 Anderson, Johnny R Salt Lake 801-898-1168
35 Wheatley, Mark A. D Salt Lake 801-556-4862
36 Arent, Patrice M. D Salt Lake 801-889-7849
37 Moss, Carol Spackman D Salt Lake 801-647-8764
38 Hutchings, Eric K. R Salt Lake 801-963-2639
39 Dunnigan, James A. R Salt Lake 801-840-1800
40 Hemingway, Lynn N. D Salt Lake 801-231-2153
41 McCay, Daniel R Salt Lake 801-810-4110
42 Coleman, Kim R Salt Lake 801-865-8970
43 Tanner, Earl D. R Salt Lake 801-792-2156
44 Cutler, Bruce R. R Salt Lake 801-556-4600
45 Eliason, Steve R Salt Lake 801-673-4748
46 Poulson, Marie H. D Salt Lake 801-942-5390
47 Ivory, Ken R Salt Lake 801-694-8380
48 Stratton, Keven J. R Utah 801-836-6010
49 Spendlove, Robert M. R Salt Lake 801-560-5394
50 Cunningham, Rich R Salt Lake 801-722-4942
51 Hughes, Gregory H. R Salt Lake 801-432-0362
52 Knotwell, John R Salt Lake 801-449-1834
53 Brown, Melvin R. R Daggett, Duchesne, Morgan, Rich, Summit 435-647-6512
54 Powell, Kraig R Summit, Wasatch 435-654-0501
55 Chew, Scott H. R Duchesne, Uintah 435-630-0221
56 Christofferson, Kay J. R Utah 801-592-5709
57 Greene, Brian M. R Utah 801-358-1338
58 Owens, Derrin R Juab, Sanpete 435-851-1284
59 Peterson, Val L. R Utah 801-224-4473
60 Daw, Brad M. R Utah 801-850-3608
61 Grover, Keith R Utah 801-319-0170
62 Stanard, Jon E. R Washington 435-414-4631
63 Sanpei, Dean R Utah 801-979-5711
64 Thurston, Norman K R Utah 385-399-9658
65 Gibson, Francis D. R Utah 801-491-3763
66 McKell, Mike K. R Utah 801-210-1495
67 Roberts, Marc K. R Utah 801-210-0155
68 Nelson, Merrill F. R Beaver, Juab, Millard, Tooele, Utah 801-971-2172
69 King, Brad D Carbon, Duchesne, Emery, Grand 435-637-7955
70 McIff, Kay L. R Emery, Grand, Sanpete, Sevier 801-608-4331
71 Last, Bradley G. R Iron, Washington 435-635-7334
72 Westwood, John R. R Iron 435-590-1467
73 Noel, Michael E. R Beaver, Garfield, Kane, Piute, San Juan, Sevier, Wayne 435-616-5603
74 Snow, V. Lowry R Washington 435-703-3688
75 Ipson, Don L. R Washington 435-817-5281


Click here to go to the Utah State Legislature page to find more details on your State Representative.

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