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Virginia District Captains

District Captains are volunteers assigned to a House District, responsible for:

  • building a team of 100 active volunteers by coordinating activities and outreach within their House District
  • building a relationship, and meeting with their legislators to sway them to support our Convention of States Resolution

Virginia's District Captains are grouped into regions, headed by a Regional Captain. In heavily populated Northern Virginia, we subdivide regions (e.g., NoVA West, NoVA North) in order to more effectively distribute the large number of districts. The state’s Senate Districts are assigned to Regional Captains using a geographic best-fit approach. 

For more information on activities in your area, contact both the District Captain and the corresponding Regional Captain, since they work in teams. In fact, we are now building teams of co-captains to work alongside, reinforce, and undergird one another to the prodigious task of reining in Washington DC. Each team will have one District Captain as the lead, with the others as assistants. Join the team by signing up here!

Find your legislator here. Then match the legislator with your corresponding House District, District Captain, and Regional Captain in the list below:


District  Captain  Email  Facebook Pages State Representative 
 Northern Virginia Central  Regional Captain Warren Wheeler    
 42  District Captain OPEN      Del. David Albo
 43  District Captain Jonathan Champ    Del. Mark Sickles
 44  District Captain Robert Whearty    Del. Paul Krizek
 45  District Captain Valerie Smith    Del. Mark Levine
 46  District Captain OPEN      Del. Cherniele Herring
 47  District Captain OPEN      Del. Patrick Hope
 48  District Captain OPEN      Del. Richard Sullivan
 49  District Captain Valerie Smith    Del. Alfonso Lopez
 50  District Captain Jay Shepard    Del. Jackson Miller
 51  District Captain OPEN      Del. Richard Anderson
 Northern Virginia North  Regional Captain Harry Herchert    
 34  District Captain OPEN      Del. Kathleen Murphy
 36  District Captain OPEN      Del. Kenneth Plum
 37  District Captain OPEN      Del. David Bulova
 38  District Captain Ralph Hubbard    Del. Kaye Kory
 39  District Captain OPEN      Del. Vivian Watts 
 40  District Captain OPEN      Del. Timothy Hugo
 41  District Captain David Williams    Del. Eileen Filler-Corn
 53  District Captain OPEN      Del. Marcus Simon
 Northern Virginia South  Regional Captain Scott Camden    
 2  District Captain OPEN      Del. Mark Dudenhefer
 28  District Captain Alicia Hillmer    Del. William Howell
 31  District Captain Remi Simon    Del. Scott Ligamfelter
 52  District Captain OPEN      Del. Luke Torian
 54  District Captain John Dahmen    Del. Robert Orrock
 88  District Captain Mark Genarelli    Del. Mark Cole
 Northern Virginia West Regional Captain Gary Thomas    
 10  District Captain William Peters    Del. Randall Minchew
 13  District Captain OPEN      Del. Robert Marshall
 32  District Captain OPEN      Del. Thomas Greason
 33  District Captain Randel Taylor    Del. David LaRock
 34  District Captain OPEN      Del. Kathleen Murphy
 67  District Captain Robert Tyskowski    Del. James LeMunyon
 86  District Captain OPEN      Del. Jennifer Boysko
 87  District Captain Richard Wynder    Del. John J. Bell
 Richmond  Region  Regional Captain OPEN    COS Richmond  
 55  District Captain Todd Graves    Del. Hyland Fowler
 56  District Captain Tony Ponsiglione    Del. Peter Farrell
 62  District Captain Ian Frith    Del. Riley Ingram
 63  District Captain OPEN      Del. Lashrecse Aird
 65  District Captain Todd Graves    Del. Lee Ware
 66  District Captain Jon Goffaux    Del. Kirkland Cox
 68  District Captain Richard Kuser    Del. G.M. Loupassi
 69  District Captain Doug Pulley    Del. Betsy Carr
 70  District Captain Doug Pulley    Del. Delores McQuinn
 71  District Captain Doug Pulley    Del. Jeffrey Bourne
 72  District Captain Doug Pulley    Del. James Massie
 73  District Captain Doug Pulley    Del. John O'Bannon
 74  District Captain Wes Green    Del. Lamont Bagby
 75  District Captain OPEN      Del. Roslyn Tyler
 Roanoke Region  Regional Captain Susan Peters    
 1  District Captain Steve Cowan    Del. Terry Kilgore
 3  District Captain Mike Rutowski    Del. James Morefield
 4  District Captain James Foran    Del. Todd Pillion
 5  District Captain OPEN      Del. Israel O'Quinn
 6  District Captain Cynthia McIlrath    Del. Jeffrey Campbell
 7  District Captain Glenn Stanger    Del. Nick Rush
 8  District Captain OPEN      Del. Gregory Habeeb
 9  District Captain OPEN      Del. Charles Poindexter
 11  District Captain OPEN      Del. Sam Rasoul
 12  District Captain Sharon Dowdy    Del. Joseph Yost
 14  District Captain OPEN      Del. Daniel Marshall
 16  District Captain OPEN      Del. Leslie Adams
 17  District Captain OPEN      Del. Christopher Head
 22  District Captain OPEN      Del. Kathy Byron
 23  District Captain Brent Paschall    Del. Scott Garrett
 60  District Captain OPEN      Del. James Edmunds
 61  District Captain Matthew Kelly    Del. Thomas Wright
 Shanandoah Region  Regional Captain Duane Landry    
 15  District Captain OPEN      Del. Todd Gilbert
 18  District Captain John Barnhart    Del. Michael Webert
 19  District Captain Jody Martin    Del. Terry Austin
 20  District Captain John Woodworth    Del. Richard P. Bell
 24  District Captain John Brandt    Del. Benjamin Cline
 25  District Captain Randall Peltola    Del. Steven Landes 
 26  District Captain OPEN      Del. Tony Wilt
 29  District Captain OPEN      Del. Christopher Collins
 30  District Captain John Barnhart    Del. Nicholas Freitas
 57  District Captain Nancy Koenig    Del. David Toscano
 58  District Captain Charles Stafford    Del. Robert B. Bell
 59   District Captain Nancy Koenig    Del. Matthew Fariss
 Tidewater Region  Regional Captain Randy Schmidt    
 64  District Captain OPEN      Del. Richard Morriss
 76  District Captain OPEN      Del. Chris Jones
 77  District Captain OPEN      Del. C.E. Cliff Hayes
 79  District Captain OPEN      Del. Stephen Heretick
 80  District Captain Michael Ralston    Del. Matthew James
 89  District Captain OPEN      Del. Daun Sessoms Hester
 Virginia Beach Region  Regional Captain Robert Venner  COS Hampton Roads  
 21  District Captain OPEN      Del. Ronald Villanueva
 78  District Captain Garrett Humbertson    Del. James Leftwich
 81  District Captain Mark Bleil    Del. Barry Knight
 82  District Captain Rex Kibler    Del. Jason Miyares
 83  District Captain Jeanne Crocker    Del. Christopher Stolle
 84  District Captain Adam Dragoon    Del. Glenn Davis
 85  District Captain Gregory Trainum    Del. N.D. Holcomb
 90  District Captain OPEN      Del. Joseph Linsey
 Northern Neck Region  Regional Captain Russ Beyer    
 91  District Captain OPEN      Del. Gordon Helsel
 92  District Captain OPEN      Del. Jeion Ward
 93  District Captain OPEN      Del. Michael Mullin
 94  District Captain OPEN      Del. David Yancey
 95  District Captain OPEN      Del. Marcia Price
 96  District Captain Kevin Rasmussen    Del. Brenda Pogge
 97  District Captain OPEN      Del. Christopher Peace
 98  District Captain Louis Kressaty    Del. Keith Hodges
 99  District Captain OPEN      Del. Margaret Ransone
 100  District Captain OPEN      Del. Robert Bloxom