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West Virginia

Action Prompt

Action Prompt

West Virginia Share

West Virginia Share

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

West Virginia Team

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    Jay Taylor

    Legislative Liaison

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    Michael Vick

    Veterans Coordinator

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    Rich Johnson

    Media Liaison

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    David Dayfield

    Coalitions Director

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    Barbara Thomas

    Grassroots Coordinator

West Virginia Blog

Call and Email the Speaker NOW!

The time is now! With Arizona becoming the 9th state to pass Convention of States now is the time for West Virginia to become the 10th

We have already passed the WV Senate and wait on the vote in the House. We are having trouble getting on the agenda. The Speaker is currently getting more negative emails than positive ones. We must change this. And there are two things we need you to do to help:

  1. Email Speaker Armstead at armstead@wvhouse.govand let him know you support Convention of States and ask that he put SCR-3 on the agenda for a vote. 


  1. Call Speaker Armstead at (304) 340-3210 and let him know you support Convention of States and ask that he put SCR-3 on the agenda for a vote. 


  1. Click the link HERE  to send the following email:  

Speaker Armstead;


Let me first thank you for your leadership in the great state of West Virginia and for keeping with our strong traditions of liberty.  We have an opportunity now to restore the original intent of the US Constitution by supporting and passing SCR 3, and Article V application calling for a Convention of the States to propose amendments to the Constitution.  SCR3 only allows for amendments forcing fiscal restraint on the Federal Government, limiting the size, scope and jurisdiction of the Federal Government, and term limits on Federal Officials.  I'm sure you agree these are badly needed and D.C. will never limit its own spending and/or power, you must force them to do it.


As a Delegate to the WV State Assembly, you and you alone have the power to reign in our out of control Federal Government.  It is for this reason I humbly ask for your support and vote on SCR 3.  SCR 3 has passed through the WV Senate and is awaiting a hearing in the House, please support a timely hearing and passage in the House so West Virginia can once again lead the charge for Liberty and Freedom in the United States.


Thank you

Time is running out! The Governor has launched a budget clock, but this is also our clock for passing Convention of States (See the clock here: ). The session ends on April 8th, however with the budget crisis and last minute bills, it will be extremely easy for Convention of States to be overlooked. We have the votes in the House Judiciary. We have the votes on the House floor. We can pass Convention of States in West Virginia now. 

Nonetheless we need your help. Delegates respond best to their constituents. If they don’t think this is something their voters want they will ignore the resolution. We can’t do this alone. 


WV Volunteer




Purpose: Convention of States Action is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit organization founded for the purpose of stopping the runaway power of the federal government. We believe Washington, D.C., is broken and will not fix itself. The federal government is spending this country into the ground, seizing power from the states and taking liberty from the people.

We have a solution that is as big as the problem.

Goal: Convention of States Action (COSA) seeks to urge and empower state legislators to call a convention of states. Delegates to the convention will have power to propose amendments to the Constitution that would curb the abuses of the federal government. Article V of the Constitution gives them this power; the COS Project will give them an avenue through which they can use it.

Plan: COSA’s plan is twofold

1.  Article V requires that 34 states pass resolutions to call a convention of states on the same subject, before the meeting will be called. We are working with state legislators around the country to call a convention for a specific subject: Limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

2.   We believe grassroots support is the key to successfully calling a convention. We are building a political operation in over 40 states, recruiting 100 citizens who are ready to contact their state legislators in at least 75% of the state legislative districts. 



If you would like to help, please do one of the following things:
Email me directly at or 
Call me directly at 307 286 4776 or
Go to the Volunteer page here, to sign up an see what you can do to help. 
Thank you so much for your willingness to step up and help us restore our beloved Republic back to its founding principles.
I look forward to hearing from you.
In Liberty
Ken Clark
Regional Director
Convention of States Project


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