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Michigan becomes 37th state in 2015 to file Convention of States Article V application

Michigan Representative Lee Chatfield (107), along with Representatives Aaron Miller (59), Ray Franz (101), Joel Johnson (97), Thomas Hooker (77) and Bruce Rendon (103), filed HJR BB last week to make Michigan the 37th state in the nation in 2015 to file an identical resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States to restrain the power, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government.

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EPA employees load Obama, Dems with dough

Environmental Protection Agency employees are supposed to work in a non-partisan way but that hasn’t kept them from donating more than a quarter of a million dollars to Democrats in recent elections, a Daily News Caller Foundation analysis has found.

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Government collects record-high taxes in first 10 months of FY 2015

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The federal government collected a record amount of taxes in the first 10 months of fiscal year 2015, exceeding $2.6 trillion in revenue, according to the latest monthly Treasury Department statement. Despite the record revenue, the federal government ran a deficit of $465 billion.

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Mark Meckler hits it out of the park (video)

Mark Meckler gave a speech to a group of state legislators last month, and we wanted to share an amazing segment of that speech with you. Mark explains that, although a balanced budget amendment is necessary, we have larger problems in America that can only be solved with a Convention of States. (Starts at 7:36)

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EPA dumps one million gallons of wastewater into Colorado river

The following is from the Washington Free Beacon:

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Mike Huckabee at ALEC: Article V is the "only way" (video)

In a speech at the American Legislative Exchange Council conference in July, Mike Huckabee explains why Article V is the only way to restore the balance of power between the states and D.C.

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Record 93,770,000 Americans not in labor force; participation rate remains at 38-year low

Government regulations are crippling businesses, and nowhere is that fact more apparent than the latest labor statistics: the labor force participation rate remained at 62.6 percent last month, a 38-year low. In addition, the real unemployment rate -- the rate that measures Americans too discouraged to seek jobs and those working part-time -- was 10.4 percent.

The Washington Free Beacon Reports:

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Alabama joins Florida, Georgia, and Alaska and passes the Convention of States resolution

The Alabama state motto is “We dare defend our rights,” and that sentiment was on display May 21st in the Alabama State Capitol.

On May 22, 2015, Alabama become the first state in 2015 to pass the Convention of States application to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

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In the News: Ohio legislators seek states convention to amend U.S. Constitution, tame federal government's power

The following excerpt was written by Robert Higgs and published on

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Two legislators propose that Ohio join in a call for the states to meet and amend the U.S. Constitution to rein in federal authority and spending power.

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Louisiana House passes Convention of States application

We have great news! Yesterday afternoon, the Louisiana House of Representatives PASSED the Convention of States resolution by a vote of 60-38! It will now move to the Senate and will be heard in the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee.

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